Research Projects

The research is structured into the following topics:
1) Method development for measuring tumor oxygenation and oxygen metabolism
2) Preclinical research for imaging tumor hallmarks and measuring oxygenation, inflammation, metastasis, radiation resistance
3) Clinical application head & neck cancers involving MFOS and ENT surgery, BOLD MRI imaging and clinical pathology

Method development

3D near-infrared imaging technologies (NIRI) Positron emission tomography (15O2PET)
Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf Prof. Dr. Alfred Buck
Prof. Dr. Bruno Weber
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Preclinical research

Imaging tumor hallmarks: hypoxia signaling and angiogenesis Tumor oxygenation, inflammation and metastasis Tumor oxygenation and radiation resistance (preclinical)
Prof. Dr. Markus Rudin Prof. Dr. Roland Wenger
PD Dr. Lubor Borsig
Prof. Dr. Martin Pruschy
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Clinical application head and neck cancers

Tumor oxygenation and radiation resistance (clinical) MFOS and ENT surgery Medical oncology
PD Dr. Oliver Riesterer
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Studer
Marius Bredell et al. Dr. Tamara Rordorf
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BOLD MRI for assessment of tissue oxygenation Clinical pathology
PD Dr. Dr. Andreas Boss Dr. Kristian Ikenberg
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